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[texts]MFB-522 Owner's Manual

Keywords: instruments; pressing; bass; select; rhythm; shuffle; decay; rec; pattern; controls; white buttons; decay controls; bass drum; tune sets; press play
Downloads: 3,469
[texts]Steinberg Nuendo 4 Owner's Manual

Keywords: audio; midi; track; select; project; click; events; settings; channel; vst; control room; project window; key commands; sample editor; vst instrument; track list; project cursor; channel settings; logical editor; track presets
Downloads: 2,731
[texts]Roland MC-303 Owner's Manual

Keywords: pattern; press; select; midi; data; keyboard; recording; indicator; setting; settings; trip hop; keyboard pad; drums pattern; musical data; goa trance; press keyboard; button indicator; keyboard pads; hop drums; trance pattern
Downloads: 2,596
[texts]Korg Micro Korg Owner's Manual

Keywords: midi; vocoder; program; select; filter; synth; edit; microkorg; lfo; timbre; edit select; shift key; synth program; external midi; control change; bass bass; vocoder program; timbre select; cutoff frequency; bass single
Downloads: 2,326
[texts]Roland JV-90 Owner's Manual

Keywords: parameter; patch; midi; aaaa; mode; data; parameters; tone; pitch; switch; oaaa aaaa; voice expansion; program change; parameter determines; parameter sets; expansion board; data card; play mode; rhythm set; key range
Downloads: 1,657
[texts]Propellerhead: Reason 7 Owner's Manual

Keywords: audio; device; select; reason; note; clip; automation; edit; midi; parameter; parameter automation; audio track; main mixer; mix channel; edit menu; comp row; octo rex; channel strip; edit mode; audio clip
Downloads: 1,613
[texts]Roland SPD-20 Owner's Manual

Keywords: midi; pad; trigger; sound; parameter; patch; set; settings; pedal; exc; pad bank; note number; control pedal; parameter group; midi sound; external pads; patch chain; program change; note numbers; patch expand
Downloads: 1,553
[texts]Roland JV-80 Owner's Manual

Keywords: data; patch; sound; midi; set; key; velocity; tone; pitch; parameters; oaaa aaaa; key range; data card; key follow; program change; patch edit; transmit zone; cutoff frequency; tvf envelope; sound source
Downloads: 1,546
[texts]Roland TR-626 Owner's Manual
Owner's manual for the Roland TR-626 Rhythm Composer. Warnings, panel descriptions, important notices, outline of the TR-626, connections, basic operation (checking drum voices & sound output, a brief description of rhythm writing, playing & writing rhythm patterns, track writing & playing), applications (functions to use while pattern writing, functions to use while track writing, functions to use while playing a track, miscellaneous functions), storing rhythm patterns in external memory (memor...
Keywords: measure; step; key; drum; rhythm; data; pattern; midi; push; mode; drum voice; drum voices; rhythm patterns; rhythm pattern; main key; pattern group; memory card; basic operation; tape sync; shift key
Downloads: 1,457
[texts]Prophet-600 Owner's Manual

Keywords: program; osc; switch; filter; programs; oos; knob; seq; envelope; mod; program select; unison track; factory programs; pitch wheel; mod wheel; filter cutoff; pulse width; switch unison; envelope generator; envelope amount
Downloads: 1,456
[texts]Yamaha PSR-77 / PSR-185 Manual
Synth manual for the Yamaha PSR-77 and PSR-185 keyboards
Keywords: yamaha; keyboard; music; synthesizer; psr-77; psr-185
Downloads: 1,355
[texts]Roland MC-505 Owner's Manual

Keywords: pattern; select; press; keyboard; pitch; midi; settings; aaaa; rhythm; output; oaaa aaaa; output level; external midi; keyboard pad; musical data; snare fill; rhythm tone; keyboard pads; synth riff; press keyboard
Downloads: 1,339
[texts]Cockos Reaper Owner's Manual Version 4.5
Cockos Reaper Owner's Manual Version 4.5
Keywords: track; reaper; midi; media; item; click; items; select; tracks; project; user guide; media item; time selection; media items; reaper user; inner reaper; hard copy; midi editor; mouse modifiers; track control
Downloads: 1,230
[texts]Roland U-20 Owner's Manual
Owner's manual for the Roland U-20 RS-PCM Keyboard. Features, Important Notes, Playing: Step 1 (Before You Play, Listen to the ROM Songs, Introducing the U-20, Try Out the Sounds), Playing: Step 2 (Using and Setting the Performance Functions, Creating a Chord Set), Editing (Before You Create Your Own Sounds, Sound Patch Settings, Edit the Timbre Settings, Rhythm Set Settings), System Setups (About MIDI, How the U-20 Uses MIDI, Taking Full Advantage of the U-20), Summary (Play Mode and Operations...
Keywords: patch; data; sound; chord; midi; keyboard; rhythm; timbre; select; settings; sound patch; keyboard patch; ram card; play mode; chord set; rhythm set; program change; parameter group; control change; rom play
Downloads: 1,221
[texts]E-mu Proteus Owner's Manual

Keywords: midi; proteus; preset; presets; iii; instrument; manual; modulation; operation; lfo; operation manual; proteus operation; data entry; auxiliary envelope; key range; master menu; midi specifications; midi controller; edit menu; factory presets
Downloads: 1,196
[texts]Waldorf Blofeld Owner's Manual

Keywords: blofeld; parameter; filter; modulation; sound; midi; manual; envelope; oscillator; signal; sound parameter; note list; manual sound; comb filter; selection dial; edit menu; cutoff frequency; sound synthesis; synthesis basics; parameter controls
Downloads: 1,119
[texts]Emu Proteus 2000 Owner's Manual

Keywords: preset; midi; proteus; filter; envelope; modulation; presets; menu; controller; edit; operation manual; data entry; entry control; edit menu; master menu; filter envelope; volume envelope; front panel; midi channel; programming basics
Downloads: 1,086
[texts]Roland TR-505 Owner's Manual
Owner's manual for the Roland TR-505. Initialization, panel description, outline of the TR-505, connections, operation (manual playing, demonstration program, playing the preset rhythm patterns, track writing and playing, writing and playing rhythm patterns, about scale and last step, useful functions in pattern writing mode, other useful functions), tape memory, MIDI, specifications. Roland Corporation, 1986.
Keywords: key; pattern; rhythm; track; mode; midi; drum; composer; step; push; pattern group; main key; rhythm pattern; shift key; rhythm patterns; enter key; drum voice; bar number; step write; tap write
Downloads: 1,062
[texts]Roland TR-707 Owner's Manual

Keywords: key; track; pattern; composer; main; mode; midi; button; enter; rhythm; main key; shift key; pattern group; track playing; memory cartridge; track writing; tap writing; key number; step writing; snare drum
Downloads: 992
[texts]Roland SH-101 Owner's Manual

Keywords: env; vcf; vco; knob; modulator; mixer; source; vca; transpose; lfo; source mixer; mixer vcf; modulator vco; vcf vca; vco source; vca env; selector switch; tone color; pulse width; key transpose
Downloads: 986
[texts]Novation Bass Station Rack Owner's Manual

Keywords: midi; bassstation; knob; filter; envelope; lfo; sound; oscillator; controls; switch; bassstation rack; pulse width; controls work; mod depth; data entry; knob controls; display alternates; external audio; work data; vintage analogue
Downloads: 979
[texts]Nanozwerg Owner's Manual

Keywords: nanozwerg; cutoff; center; vca; vco; external; lfo; analogue; sequencer; oneshot; external audio; cutoff frequency
Downloads: 974
[texts]Zoom R16 Owner's Manual

Keywords: press; track; select; project; change; insert; sound; adjusts; usb; tracks; red light; green light; change menu; stereo link; original sound; setting range; range description; master track; send return; audio interface
Downloads: 972
[texts]E-mu Mo'Phatt Owner's Manual

Keywords: preset; midi; filter; envelope; cursor; menu; arpeggiator; modulation; control; master; data entry; operation manual; entry control; edit menu; master menu; midi channel; filter envelope; front panel; programming basics; volume envelope
Downloads: 963
[texts]Roland JV-30 Owner's Manual

Keywords: midi; tone; drum; data; channel; sound; depth; settings; change; messages; channel number; midi channel; drum set; control change; status second; drum sets; drum tone; program change; relative change; note number
Downloads: 952
[texts]Alesis MidiVerb 2 Owner's Manual

Keywords: midiverb; midi; programs; signal; stereo; program; patch; input; mix; flanging; midi patch; mix control; patch number; numbered buttons; effected signal; triggered flanges; dry signal; program change; pitch modulation; patch change
Downloads: 915
[texts]Casio CA-110 Manual
Manual for Casio CA-110 model Keyboard (synth)
Keywords: casio; ca-110; manual; keyboard
Downloads: 907
[texts]Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Service Manual

Keywords: osc; pcb; filt; prophet; rev; data; freq; switch; env; program; power supply; switch power; common analog; filt env; set controls; env gen; vca balance; prophet prophet; memory test; filter envelope
Downloads: 885
[texts]Roland TR-909 Owner's Manual
Owner's manual for the Roland TR-909 rhythm composer. Operation, Basic Course (Sound Check, Pattern Write and Play, Track Program and Play, Tape Interface), Advanced Course (Variations of Writing Rhythm Patterns, Edit Functions, Other Functions), MIDI, Specifications/Options.
Keywords: rhythm; pattern; enter; press; shift; button; tempo; track; key; mode; rhythm pattern; shift button; rhythm patterns; main key; pattern group; tape recorder; sound source; track program; total accent; tape sync
Downloads: 871
[texts]Novation Drum Station Owner's Manual

Keywords: drum; midi; program; knob; snare; tune; decay; sound; bass; cymbal; bass drum; snare drum; drum sound; front cut; knob controls; crash cymbal; front panel; utility mode; mid tom; closed hihat
Downloads: 865
[texts]Propellerhead ReBirth 2.0.1 Owner's Manual

Keywords: pattern; rebirth; midi; song; synth; select; audio; mod; sound; rhythm; midi clock; midi control; song position; remote midi; audio card; pattern mode; cubase vst; sound manager; pattern changes; midi input
Downloads: 858
[texts]MFB-503 Owner's Manual

Keywords: pattern; memory; encoder; pressing; tun; locations; drum; press; instruments; sets; memory locations; release length; step buttons; bass drum; leftmost encoder; snare drum; shuffle setting; press record; memory location
Downloads: 838
[texts]Roland JV-2080 Owner's Manual

Keywords: poly; patch; settings; delay; select; midi; press; parameter; sound; tone; oaaa aaaa; data card; delay time; rhythm set; send level; clock source; pre delay; output assign; original sound; pitch envelope
Downloads: 838
[texts]M-Audio Axiom Owner's Manual

Keywords: midi; controller; axiom; press; data; lcd; enter; lsb; zone; numeric; user guide; lcd display; midi controller; enter key; ctrl assign; data entry; pitch bend; physical controller; numeric data; axiom keyboard
Downloads: 836
[texts]Yamaha QY-10 Owner's Manual

Keywords: track; pattern; mode; key; song; measure; press; sequencer; chord; midi; play mode; step record; song play; insert edit; pattern number; song mode; time signature; pitch bend; backing tracks; device number
Downloads: 834
[texts]Buchla Music Easel Owner's Manual

Keywords: voltage; control; modulation; output; oscillator; offset; pitch; complex; voltages; performer; control voltage; complex oscillator; front panel; voltage source; random voltage; offset control; modulation oscillator; music easel; level offset; key voltage
Downloads: 828
[texts]Steinberg Cubase 4 Owner's Manual

Keywords: audio; midi; track; project; notes; click; note; settings; select; events; control room; project window; display quantize; sample editor; key commands; vst instrument; track list; channel settings; project cursor; time signature
Downloads: 809
[texts]Roland JP-8000 Owner's Manual

Keywords: midi; sound; settings; patch; ooh; select; press; performance; osc; setting; external midi; olh ooh; ribbon controller; program change; setting setting; pitch bend; midi device; cutoff frequency; bend range; ascii code
Downloads: 789
[texts]Oberheim Matrix-1000 Owner's Manual

Keywords: midi; patch; mode; manual; oberheim; env; warranty; patches; select; bank; group mode; bank lock; service center; midi channel; time env; press enter; memory protect; matrix modulation; press select; authorized service
Downloads: 787
[texts]E-mu Vintage Keys Owner's Manual

Keywords: preset; midi; cursor; vintage; select; filter; envelope; menu; velocity; arpeggiator; data entry; operation manual; preset edit; entry control; edit menu; volume envelope; front panel; filter envelope; midi channel; global menu
Downloads: 763
[texts]Novation A-Station Owner's Manual

Keywords: midi; lfo; filter; sound; mode; knob; pitch; mod; program; display; function switch; press key; repeatedly press; advanced features; midi clock; pulse width; external audio; factory preset; mod env; mode select
Downloads: 752
[texts]LinnDrum Owner's Manual

Keywords: pattern; rhythm; linndrum; press; drum; error; note; step; cassette; setting; error correct; rhythm pattern; button directly; rhythm patterns; pattern number; timing setting; trigger output; trigger input; selected rhythm; note feel
Downloads: 747
[texts]Korg Micro Korg Quick Start Guide

Keywords: program; select; edit; key; knobs; shift; formant; microkorg; shiftand; midi; edit select; program number; shift key; shiftand program; formant hold; control change; write key; steps outlined; realtime control; performance edit
Downloads: 746
[texts]Steinberg Nuendo 3 Owner's Manual

Keywords: audio; nuendo; midi; track; select; project; click; channel; settings; tempo; project window; sample editor; key commands; play order; tempo track; project cursor; track list; system link; audio event; audio files
Downloads: 740
[texts]Alesis Micro series Owner's Manual

Keywords: micro; input; output; signal; microverb; console; gate; limiter; control; mixing; left output; mixing console; micro cue; micro gate; left input; micro enhancer; micro limiter; micro series; cue amp; output left
Downloads: 739
[texts]Roland JX-305 Owner's Manual

Keywords: press; select; pattern; pitch; aaaa; rhythm; settings; oaaa; sound; depth; oaaa aaaa; output level; musical data; snare fill; pitch bend; rhythm set; rhythm tone; synth riff; external midi; filter envelope
Downloads: 723
[texts]E-mu Proteus 2500 Owner's Manual

Keywords: preset; midi; proteus; pattern; select; edit; cursor; button; menu; mode; data entry; operation manual; edit menu; entry control; preset edit; pattern edit; midi channel; song edit; front panel; volume envelope
Downloads: 722
[texts]Roland MC-202 Owner's Manual

Keywords: step; data; enter; gate; entering; env; edit; vcf; fwd; pitch; step time; gate time; pulse width; source mixer; music data; display window; vca env; step fwd; range pulse; pitch data
Downloads: 721
[texts]Moog Minimoog Service Notes

Keywords: oscillator; voltage; circuit; control; board; filter; contour; octave; keyboard; frequency; printed circuit; circuit board; contour generator; power supply; front panel; oscillator printed; frequency control; cutoff frequency; parts list; rear panel
Downloads: 709
[texts]Korg MS-20 Owner's Manual

Keywords: vco; korg; analogique; user; manual; vca; und; site; lur; mil; user manual; site analogique; low cut
Downloads: 703
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